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At Hamilton Law, LLC., our mission is to bring value to our clients and achieve their goals through a commitment to results, achievement, and aggressive advocacy. We do so while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards.

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Criminal Defense of Alcohol and Drug Related Crimes

DUI / OWI Charges and Penalties

Need a DUI (driving under the influence) attorney in our around the Auburn Indiana area? Our law firm has extensive experience litigating criminal OWI charges, both at the misdemeanor and felony level. OWI charges are typically at the Class C misdemeanor, Class A misdemeanor or Level 6 felony level. The maximum jail sentence is 60 days for a Class C misdemeanor, one year for a Class A misdemeanor, and two and one half years for a Level 6 Felony.

DUI / OWI: Alcohol

Drunk driving is often referred to as driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, but in Indiana is called Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI). There are several enhancing factors that elevate a charge to a felony, including previous convictions, having a child passenger and causing injury.

DUI / OWI: Drugs

Driving a vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity, and one that can lead to serious injury, damage, or death if not done properly. Indiana Law bars operation of a vehicle when under the influence of a controlled substance that can impair one's ability to control a vehicle. It is also illegal to drive with any amount of marijuana in a person's system, regardless of whether the individual is actively "high."

DUI/OWI Sentencing

If you are convicted of OWI, you could be subject to and executed sentence and/or a suspended sentence. The executed sentence, which is the portion of the sentence that must be served, could be served through incarceration, on work release or on home detention. The suspended sentence is the portion of the sentence that will not be served unless certain terms are violated. The suspended sentence can include formal probation, and often includes terms such as obtaining a substance abuse evaluation, community service work, and restrictions on use of drugs and alcohol. The likely sentence varies greatly depending on many factors, including the county, severity of the offense, your criminal history and the quality of your legal representation. The attorneys at Squiller and Hamilton, LLP, will help to explain these terms further, and can assist you in minimizing the impact of an OWI case on you and your family's lives.

Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer or Provide a Blood Sample

Refusing to take a test may deprive the prosecution of damning evidence. However, it will not only usually result in a license suspension of at least one year, but may also reduce your ability to get relief from a license suspension. Many police officers and prosecutors will apply for a search warrant to require you to submit to a blood draw in the case of refusals.

Driver's License Suspension

In addition to the criminal consequences of an OWI charge, the suspension of a person's driving privileges is among the most burdensome aspects of the process. Most people experiencing an OWI are concerned about their ability to drive themselves to work, transport their children and take care of their other responsibilities. At Squiller and Hamilton, LLP, we understand the importance of being able to drive, and can often assist you in maintaining your ability to drive.

To prevail in the criminal justice system, our firm draws on its in-depth knowledge of Indiana criminal laws. Successful defense requires mental dexterity for forging winning strategies, painting defendants in a positive light, and artfully presenting arguments that win over judges and juries. Hamilton Law, LLC. is a highly capable Northeastern Indiana criminal defense firm in this respect. Effective strategies underpin each stage of the process, from pre-trial motions through discovery, jury selection, courtroom presentation, cross-examination, and closing argument. Law enforcement officers do not question our clients unless our lawyers are at their side. Experienced handling of the media prevents clients from making statements that could jeopardize their case. Likewise, all statements released to the media are products of intense scrutiny, deliberation to create a desired effect, and overall case strategy.

We proceed with experience and commitment in all phases of the criminal justice process.

When our firm decides to take a case, our strong commitment to the client lays the groundwork. The investigative phase of our representation begins the moment a client hires us. Our legal team delves into police reports, obtains forensic testimony, and identifies weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We work closely with our clients, discussing events and gathering all details pertinent to the defense. Hard work and a thorough approach opens doors to uncovering vital evidence. To convict in a criminal case, the prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The primary role of a criminal law attorney is to unearth evidence that creates doubt and plants seeds for acquittal.

We are committed to achieve the best possible result in all types of criminal cases

At Hamilton Law, LLC., we know that the outcome of your case is a serious matter. Whether defending a client against misdemeanor, OWI (operating while intoxicated) charges, felony drug crime, sex crime, or fighting for a defendant’s freedom in homicide allegations, the outcome of our efforts shapes the individual’s life. This is fact, and a fact that our criminal defense law firm greatly respects. Our lawyers take their jobs seriously and commit to doing their very best for each client.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Northeastern Indiana, call and schedule an appointment today. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

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