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Many of you begin our initial discussion with an apology for your current financial situation. Absolutely no apology is necessary. There has been no financial certainty for anyone, including our government, since the founding of our country. So how could you guarantee financial certainty in your daily life? Your situation is affected by circumstances rarely in your control – health, employment, divorce, economy of the Nation, and changes in business policies. You did not choose to put yourself into this financial situation. Fortunately, you are smart enough to be searching for more information about bankruptcy so that you can make an informed decision.

In 1789, the United States Constitution empowered Congress to enact bankruptcy law to help all citizens receive a fresh start. The first bankruptcy law was enacted in 1800. Obviously, this option has been seen as a valuable method to protect our citizens. So never feel that you must apologize to me and anyone else for choosing this legal protection.

We try to put you in charge of your life.

No one wants to file bankruptcy. Having said that, and in order to protect your health and peace of mind, along with that of your family, bankruptcy may be your only option. The faster you seek good legal advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney, the less likely you are to make some disastrous, yet innocent, decisions.

At our firm, you will meet and work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Unlike most firms, Ms. Hamilton meets with all her clients and does not delegate this duty to staff. But, staff and Ms. Hamilton are always available to answer questions. We use an intake form and easy checklists to assist Ms. Hamilton in reviewing your personal situation. The initial consultation is always free. We invite all our clients to call anytime they have questions.

We also help you plan for your future.

Our goal is to educate you about your options and the process from beginning to end. Our firm is Committed to Quality, not focused on Quantity. In other words, we treat our clients as individuals, with unique needs. Unlike the TV advertising law firms, we never treat clients like they have entered a used car sales lot. Some law firms refer their clients as “sales” and their staff as “inventory”. They proudly announce to fellow attorneys that their “gross income that month is ….” They never talk about the value of the services that they provide their clients. That attitude is disgusting and will never be tolerated in our firm.

Let's discuss your case and see if we can help you break the chains of debt that you deserve.

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