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Hamilton Law, LLC Attorneys at Law handle a variety of civil matters including mechanics liens, wills, general civil litigation, and appeals. Whether the issue entails simply answering questions about civil law or handling a lawsuit, we can help.

Indiana Appeals

Trial court decisions in civil cases can be appealed once the case has been fully decided, and sometimes before the case is fully decided. The appeal generally is to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals reviews the evidence presented to the trial court and determines whether the trial court committed any errors in its decisions. The appeal process generally takes between four months and one year and typically does not involve any hearings. We have extensive experience in both initiating appeals and defending appeals initiated by other parties in the case.

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Civil Litigation Lawyer

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Our law firm, located in Dekalb County, has extensive experience in civil litigation, as well as several years of experience at plaintiff’s and defense civil litigation law firms. We understand the sensitive nature of this area and can offer legal expertise that is hard to find. Contact us today to schedule a meeting regarding your civil matter.

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