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Hamilton Law, LLC rigorously navigates the discovery phase of your civil law case, ensuring every relevant detail is thoroughly examined to build a strong foundation.


We delve deeply into the understanding phase of your civil law case, ensuring all facets are comprehensively analyzed for effective legal strategy.


We meticulously strategize every step of your civil law case, ensuring a robust plan is in place to navigate complexities and secure success.


Hamilton Law, LLC is dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes in your civil law case, utilizing strategic expertise and relentless advocacy to achieve success.

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is crucial for protecting your rights and ensuring justice in the face of legal charges.

Family Law

Family law ensures your rights in matters of divorce, custody, and support, providing essential legal protection.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law offers relief from debt, protecting your assets and helping you regain financial stability.

“I have used their office twice and they won both my cases. Adoption for 1 of my grandsons and to get my paperwork for my house. I had Stephanie for the Adoption n John for the house this year. Very great people to have in your corner. And their office girls r just the sweetest and very helpful as well. I highly recommend them. Told my son about Stephanie n my case he hired her and got total custody and support if he wanted it but he said no to the support money because she had other children and he wasn't trying to take from them. But yes if you are in need of a very good team I highly suggest contacting their office. Stephanie is a beast n I mean a beast. I told her I need to get her a t-shirt that says I'm the beast. Look at her wins verses loses. She made the paper for winning all her cases. Yes a very good team. They are my to go to when I need help.”


“ I first learned of Hamilton Law by having the office appointed to me from the public defenders aspect of court. My first experience was none the less amazing with them. They kept me informed and done the best they could for me. The second occurrence the judge ordered a public defender for me to be able to have someone to go to with questions and concerns to help my son with the legal aspects we had going on. Same result. Nothing but amazing! When I had child custody issues I had went to this office to help me and once again Stephanie pulled through even though I could have done what I needed on my own. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is in need of services. You will not regret it. ”


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